Lessons & Pianos

Organisation of the lessons

  • All piano lessons will minimumly last 1 hour. This may vary according to need.
  • Each participant is entitled to have at least 1 lesson per day;
    According to Piano LAB’s vision it is not possible to take lessons with only 1 teacher as a participant.
  • Lessons are individual, which does not prevent Piano LAB from encouraging participants to passively attend classes from fellow pianists if both teacher and active participant agree upon their presence.
  • Every day the class schedule will be drawn up for the following day. Participants will be informed in due time about their personal teaching appointment (hour, teacher) for the next day.
  • If a participant who has taken lessons with each teacher, has a preference for a second lesson with a specific teacher, the Piano LAB organization will try to comply with this request whenever possible.
  • The participant is free to choose which repertoire he will present to which teacher. Obviously, this is based on the list of repertoire previously submitted by the participant.

Pianos & personal study

  • Piano LAB 2024 is a Steinway & Sons event in partnership with Piano’s Maene, exclusive dealer of Steinway instruments for Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • The exclusive instruments of Piano LAB consist of a selection of grand pianos of Steinway & Sons (A-B-D) and Boston (GP193) and upright Essex pianos (EUP123).
  • In addition Piano’s Maene also makes its recently launched Chris Maene Straight Strung Concert Grand and its Doutreligne instruments available to all Piano LAB participants.
  • All lessons will take place in a classroom with at least one grand piano.
  • Every day, participants will be able to intensively study on a selection of grand and upright pianos. Enough instruments and practice rooms will be made available.
  • Participants will be able to reserve their personal study slots the night before, both in terms of timing and rehearsal space. The organisation will ensure that this is done in an orderly and fair manner.