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Masters of tomorrow

The world is moving forward at lightning speed. We develop, build, grow and evolve. We use every moment. Every second counts. Images or sounds: they pour in. Questions or dilemmas: they challenge us all the time. We are constantly stimulated and always on the move.

We all feel the need to hit the pause button from time to time. It is a need to return to ourselves and to get back to basics. To enjoy one moment  – a perfect moment. To enjoy nature, unity and art at the highest level.

Piano LAB offers you that moment. In an imaginative environment, Piano LAB brings to life the divine tones of our earth’s masters. Everyone comes to rest with sparkling piano playing by international virtuosos. The silence, filled with sounds, rhythm and melody, provides balance. The Landcommanderij in Alden Biesen gives Piano LAB the perfect scene to evoke class, excellence and relaxation.

While enjoying exclusive moments of experience, together with Piano LAB you contribute to the development of a new generation of international piano talent. Piano LAB brings together for you the masters of today and shapes the virtuosos of tomorrow. During a multi-day internship, outstanding teachers polish and file the skills top young international pianistic talent. Music has always moved people. Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, … for centuries, they have inspired the greatest thinkers. Piano LAB provides the right breeding ground to foster the exceptional and unique talents that bring colour to our society.

Piano LAB is a place for development of authentic craftsmanship and unbridled experimentation and innovation, in a cosy atmosphere and Limburg hospitality. It is an initiative of artistic director Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort in cooperation with Landcommanderij Alden Biesen (LAB), with support from the Flemish Government and various partners.

Successful editions

The first edition of Piano LAB in July 2021 was an instant hit with more than 30 candidates from all over the world. About 15 pianists were selected for this exceptional education. The success of 2021 had an extensive follow-up in July 2022, during the second Piano LAB edition. Over 40 talents applied for 20 available places. During this edition, the organisation offered its partners a wonderful opening concert.

Discover the past editions in several video and photo reports:

Ambition for the future

Thanks to the participation of renowned pianist lecturers with an international reputation, this third edition will also be a success. From Saturday 15 until Saturday 22 July 2023, Zlata Chochieva, Polina Leschenko, Vitaly Samoshko, Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort and Lukáš Vondráček are ready to share their knowledge and experience with the diligent students. Samoshko and Vondráček are both first laureates of the Queen Elisabeth competition.

This year’s international internship will also get a splendid opening. Piano LAB provides an exclusive experience, including a concert by the teachers. The internship will conclude with a concert by a fine selection of students.

Piano LAB Partner 2023

Piano LAB aims to bring you to a standstill with the very best piano music, brought to you by the masters of today and tomorrow.

With your support, Piano LAB can continue to develop into the hotspot for musical talent and perfection, while you can enjoy international artistic piano talent together with your company, in the unique setting of the Landcommanderij Alden Biesen.

To get a taste of these exclusive experiences, please consider one of Piano LAB’s various partnerships. Of course, there is room for your own ideas and for tailor-made collaborations. Above all, choose the package that fits you best.

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